Halloween 2019

Is it a fast ship??

Nick is dressed as Han Solo (black vest white shirt) with a cardboard Millennium Falcon
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Selfie in sunglasses in front of some bushes holding a tree pruner

Thinking of becoming a 1/2/1 Medieval Era defensive unit.

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Deep Space Nine

When Theo gets a new building toy for his birthday I have to build something Trekkie like this attempt at DS9.

A vaguely DS9 shaped model in black, brown, and white on a teal couch
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Listening to Star Wars

Kiddo wanted to listen to some Star Wars music and the Amazon Music interface gave us this. Going to start saying “By John Williams’ beard!!”.

Picture of our TV playing The Last Jedi score with John Williams face cut off
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No Pets Allowed

A sign with a 🚫 over the silhouettes of a dog, a cat, and a pig reads "No pets allowed on school grounds" with a reference to the relevant municipal code.

I really want to know the story of why pot bellied pigs specifically are banned on Seattle school grounds.

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New Glasses?

Thinking of trying some thicker frames.

Nick wears huge LEGO glasses standing in the living room
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Life Finds A Way

Even in this barren environment, dinosaurs are ferocious predators.

Five pigeons fighting over a piece of sidewalk pizza
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Andrle needed to test the Halloween makeup.

Selfie of Nick with a dastardly black moustache sitting on the couch in front of a window with bat decals
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Amazon Global Climate Walkout

Participating in the climate strike rally at The Spheres. More info from Amazon Employees for Climate Justice

A banner reading "Climate Leadership Now" is carried between the crowd and The Spheres
Selfie of Nick in front of The Spheres wearing a white shirt and Amazon Employees for Climate Justice button
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Found the one cool spot at the very sunny bus stop this morning.

The shadow of a bag sticks out from the shadow of a telephone pole cast on a sidewalk
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