“Weird Al” in Concert

Last night we went to see Weird Al’s Strings Attached tour at The Paramount here in Seattle. It was a great show! I hadn’t seen him since going to a Poodle Hat tour show while I was in college in Philadelphia.

The addition of the live symphony was fun (especially the movie theme opening). Al’s still got over forty years into his career.

Mild spoilers below for his set list…

Andrle and I were both introduced to his music with “Amish Paradise” on Bad Hair Day, and we got that along with a few of our other favorites. The crowd overall seemed to be our age or a bit older so largely fans of his mid-’90s hits.

I think the biggest song of his I love that I missed was probably “It’s All About the Pentiums”. Also heard some cool live variations of some older tracks I don’t know as well.

My only disappointment was the swag… the tour logo didn’t look great on a shirt, and the pins available weren’t for this tour.

I’m a little hoarse from singing along to “The Saga Begins” at full volume.

Al onstage dressed as Kurt Cobain
The Paramount's marquee which reads "STG Presents Weird Al Yankovic" followed by show times.
The orchestra tunes in front of a projection with the tour logo
Nick and Andrle in their seats ready for the show
Al dancing in the aisle for Tacky
Al wearing Jedi robes stands in front of some stormtroopers for "The Saga Begins"
Al onstage rocking with his accordion

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Pasta Bake

A slight modification of a vegan lasagna from the How Not to Die cookbook. We used farfalle and kinda layered it instead of using big noodles.

Pretty tasty but next time we’re adding more sauce. And maybe something to give the cauliflower “ricotta” a bit more oomph.

A serving of lasagna sits on a plate on a stool in front of a plant and some curtains
Close up of the pasta bake layers
Process shot of carefully arranged bow tie pasta layer
Fresh out of the oven close up of the baking pan of pasta and sauce
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Tofu Scramble

Theo requested “something special” because “he has cereal every day”… so I made breakfast.

I browned some tofu using this spice mix (though minus the black salt since we didn’t have any). Also threw in some sautéed peppers and onions plus some chopped up leftover broccoli from diner the other day. Tasty!

Two slices of toast and yellow tofu scrambled with veggies sit on a grey plate with a bowl of blueberries nearby
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Making good use of my days off! 🍞

Setting up my bread baking equipment and ingredients for a simple white loaf. Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast book sits open in the background.
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Four fingers of my right hand rest on a dark brown laminate floor. On the second knuckle of the index finger is a black outline of a Susan Kare style cursor.

Fun with temporary tattoos.

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Disneyland Day 0

A few travel pictures as we head to Disneyland and then Oma’s.

The sunlit slopes of Mt. Rainier as we fly past the western flank heading south.

The faintly visible Hollywood sign on final approach into LAX.

Waiting for the shuttle bus to Disney and enjoying the Saarinen.

Cruising down one of LA’s numerous freeways only to see a spent Falcon booster at the SpaceX facility.

The view to the east from the hotel lounge of Downtown Disney and in the background a few of the Disneyland attractions sticking up above the trees.

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Sunny Seattle

An unexpectedly warm and beautiful January day for a walk up the hill to Kinnear Park. The kids had fun swinging, and Theo loved the sign that explained how the trees in the park grow.

Mount Rainier in the haze over the red cranes of the Port of Seattle viewed from the north at the top of the Kinnear Park stairs off Olympic Place.A glowing sunset over Elliott Bay with Alki Point on the left and in the lower center a silhouetted bulk carrier docked at the grain elevators viewed from above and east at the Kinnear Park overlook.A bulk carrier underway heading southeast into Elliott Bay from Puget Sound with the Olympics in the background and a bit of grain elevator in the lower foreground. The rust red railing of the Kinnear Park overlook is in the lower right, as are some green park areas and many leafless trees.

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PodCon Sunset

The white awning of the WSCC skybridge is in the foreground of this shot down Pike St to the SW with the Pike Place Market sign at the end and a red sky behind the Olympics across the bay.

Obligatory view from the Washington State Convention Center skybridge.

Rainbow Tauntaun

A page from a Star Wars coloring book featuring Han Solo riding a tauntaun has been partially colored in pencil with many stripes, including a rainbow of chest fur. On the left, two Yoda stickers have been affixed.

Theo’s latest work. “The man looks cold.” I like the tauntaun’s beard.

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Thankful for Water

The family stands on a stone plinth in the distance as viewed from the footbridge above Myrtle Edwards park with Elliot Bay and West Seattle in the background.

Enjoying a pre-pie walk down to the waterfront park.