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Fun with temporary tattoos.

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Disneyland Day 0

A few travel pictures as we head to Disneyland and then Oma’s. The sunlit slopes of Mt. Rainier as we fly past the western flank heading south. The faintly visible Hollywood sign on final approach into LAX. Waiting for the

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Sunny Seattle

An unexpectedly warm and beautiful January day for a walk up the hill to Kinnear Park. The kids had fun swinging, and Theo loved the sign that explained how the trees in the park grow.

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PodCon Sunset

Obligatory view from the Washington State Convention Center skybridge.

Rainbow Tauntaun

Theo’s latest work. “The man looks cold.” I like the tauntaun’s beard.

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Thankful for Water

Enjoying a pre-pie walk down to the waterfront park.

Pomegranate Knolling

Ready to deseed with Theo!

Space Triangles

The Space Needle is being remodeled and the scaffolding has a cool geometric pattern to it.

Flat Data

The highlight of BrickCon 2017.

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Web of Ash

Noticed this morning that an industrious spider on our balcony had captured a number of ash flakes from the Eagle Creek Fire in her web.

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