• A small Yorkie sits on a square of fake grass, biting a hand

    Instead of using his patch on the roof, Pike wanted to devour my hand.

  • A small Yorkie puppy head rests on the trackpad of a 16" MacBook Pro

    “Stop typing so loud, I’m trying to sleep!”

  • A tiny Yorkie is held in hands in front of a large umbrella on a roof deck

    Pike got some quality time on the roof today. His pee patch is up here but this is the first time he got to hang out. He seemed to enjoy the wind.

  • A tiny black and brown Yorkie puppy sits on a pillow next to a smiling Nick

    Pike woke up at about 6:30 am needing to go outside, and when we got back he claimed most of my pillow.

  • A small Yorkie sits on nick's chest while they sit on a couch in front of some stairs

    After over two years we decided that our family needed a dog again. Yesterday we picked up this little cuteness widget, whom we’ve named Pike (after the Starfleet captain and the public market).

    Like our previous pooch, Mr. Darcy, he is a Yorkie, although it looks like Pike will end up being quite a bit smaller once he’s full grown.

    He is very snuggly and wants to sleep on our laps, chests, legs, or wherever he can curl up into a tiny fluffball.

    Playing on Nick's lap with his favorite toy, a small pink rope chew from Kong

  • One of my son’s favorite author-illustrators, Mo Willems, is doing a daily video stream for everyone under quarantine called Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems. The first episode dropped today. This is apparently part of of his role as The Kennedy Center’s Education Artist-in-Residence.

    We very much enjoyed watching as a family and I think we’re going to try to build this into the home school day with Seattle Public Schools closed until at least April 24th. I joined in and followed Mo’s instructions to make my own pigeon and doodle some many-legged creatures.

    Pencil drawings of three different creatures with many legs
    A quick sketch of the pigeon

  • Made a tasty dinner from an It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken recipe. Andrle has made it before but this was my first time trying my hand at it. Delicious flavors, super creamy, vegan… and Theo liked it too!

    Mixing the spices with the crumbled tofu
    Ready to bake
    Cashew garlic sauce on Trader Joe’s gluten-free penne
    Close up of baked tofu crumbles
    Mixed the pasta and crumbles with some quick steamed ?

  • A pen rests on the bubble next to Elizabeth Warren on a ballot

    Excited to vote for Elizabeth Warren this Super Tuesday in the Washington state Democratic Presidential Primary. She’s got the progressive plans!

  • Nick dangling from a zip line with arm outstretched  on a sunny day in a park

    Convincing the kiddo that the zip line at Cowen Park is fun and not scary.

  • Nick wearing a Mac classic shirt in front of a Mac Classic
    Nick standing in front of a Cray-1
    Apollo Guidance Control Computer
    Program reads 10 PRINT "HELLO, WORLD" 20 GOTO 10 RUN
    Writing a “Hello, World” program in BASIC on an Apple ][c
    Old shell says cat hello.txt secret about box
    Leaving a secret on one of their legacy machines
    Graphite G4 running down scaled Myst
    Original Myst running on a PowerMac G4