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  • I’m Loavin’ It

    I’m Loavin’ It

    On Saturday I baked some simple white loaves in new bread pans that were a Christmas gift from my sister- and brother-in-law. I need to adjust the temperature down a bit I think but they still taste amazing.

  • 🚃 Cookie

  • Bread

    Making good use of my days off! 🍞

  • Mother’s Day Scones

      Baking a tasty treat for Andrle (okay, and me) to enjoy today and the rest of this week.

  • Apple Powers

    The pie requires 8 apples. I sliced each apple into 32 slices, depth-first. This pie will thus contain exactly 256 slices. This makes me far happier than it should.

  • Amish Cinnamon Bread

    Introduction A coworker of mine gave me some live yeast bread starter two weekends ago, and I have proceeded to actually bake it into bread. This is, believe me, quite out of character. I am posting this recipe here (which, as far as I know, is relatively useless without the culture) both for my records […]