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  • Amazing Aurora

    Last night Seattle was treated to the side effects of a level 5 geomagnetic storm. It’s so rare for the Northern Lights to be visible this far south, even through all the Seattle city glow! We let kiddo try to stay up but it wasn’t getting dark enough fast enough, so he dozed upstairs in…

  • Seattle After Dark

    We were wandering the neighborhood to see light displays and ended up at Kerry Park’s iconic view.

  • Smoky Sunset

    Smoky Sunset

    Beautiful sunset caused by our ongoing climate disaster.

  • Sunset

    Enjoying the roof deck with the puppy now that it’s a bit cooler.

  • Outside


    Pike got some quality time on the roof today. His pee patch is up here but this is the first time he got to hang out. He seemed to enjoy the wind.

  • Meet Pike

    Meet Pike

    After over two years we decided that our family needed a dog again. Yesterday we picked up this little cuteness widget, whom we’ve named Pike (after the Starfleet captain and the public market). Like our previous pooch, Mr. Darcy, he is a Yorkie, although it looks like Pike will end up being quite a bit…

  • Wheeeeee!

    Convincing the kiddo that the zip line at Cowen Park is fun and not scary.

  • Living Computers

    Living Computers

  • Snowperson


    Yes Anna, I would like to build a snow person! ☃️ Our rooftop deck in Queen Anne was a nice flat surface. Almost two inches of sticky snow perfect for construction had accumulated.

  • Snow

    Sticky overnight snow clings to a tree.