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Last Drop

Staycation is going well.

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Beardo Wardo

Playing around with shaping my quarantine beard. First time I’ve ever tried managing it… I’m usually either clean shaven or lazy scruffy.

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Sleepy Pup

Pike woke up at about 6:30 am needing to go outside, and when we got back he claimed most of my pillow.

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Living Computers

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Make Me Go

Celebrating Picard day with my Make It So mug. I’m sleepy because I got paged last night.

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Thinking of becoming a 1/2/1 Medieval Era defensive unit.

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New Glasses?

Thinking of trying some thicker frames.

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Andrle needed to test the Halloween makeup.

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Space Hat

Ain’t no party like a space party.

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Birthday fun: Monorail commute!

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