One Dose Down

Nick sits in passenger seat of car giving thumbs up for bandaid on shoulder

Joining Team Pfizer. Found an appointment at a random Safeway down in Kent now that Washington is in Phase 3. Second dose scheduled!

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Finally got around to organizing my sticker collection that’s been accumulating for a few years and applying them to my newer work-issued 16″ MacBook Pro.

The back of a laptop covered in stickers, shiny Apple logo still visible

Compared to my previous 2015 13″ MacBook Pro, the stickers are much less work-oriented. The main vibes are podcasts and veganism. Here’s the key of what all these stickers are:

  1. While we don’t call them departments, this is the old logo for mine: five related AWS security services.
  2. Assorted colored D20 stickers from Storymakers Trading Company that were a Kickstarter bonus.
  3. Zoncon, a mostly internal computer security conference that includes a Capture the Flag event that my team usually participates in
  4. Radiotopia, a favorite podcast network featuring a favorite show, 99% Invisible. I got these meeting some of the hosts at PodCon.
  5. A few advocacy stickers about veganism from a favorite clothing and accessories brand, Herbivore, located in Portland.
  6. Pouring one out for a pandemic casualty Highline Bar, a favorite vegan bar and concert venue. Their kitchen menu lives on at Georgetown Liquor Company south of the city.
  7. SAAR is our security data science team that is primarily located in New York City. They’re hiring!
  8. The retired podcast Better Know A Jackal, a series of interviews by Mike B of fans of 5by5 podcasts. I was on an episode years ago.
  9. The breakfast podcast Most Important Meal by Bostonians Brian and Truj, whom I had the fun of meeting at PodCon.
  10. A quote from Bilbo Baggins from the end of The Lord of the Rings when, as a ringbearer, he is about to leave the Grey Havens for the Undying Lands. This sticker was another Kickstarter bonus from Storymakers Trading Company.
  11. The logo of Amazon Employees for Climate Justice, an internal group organizing for better corporate practices.
  12. The outline of The Spheres, and architecturally iconic feature of Amazon HQ.
  13. Representing the 2019 Global Climate Strike, which we’re going to have to keep doing until our leaders take action on climate.
  14. Twitch logo
  15. VLCNR, a joke startup from the podcast Bonanza that references the James Bond film You Only Live Twice.
  16. A gold Apple sticker from Andrle’s recent MacBook acquisition.
  17. The pixelated classic Mac icon for Hypercritical, my entry point into the world of podcasts courtesy of John Siracusa.
  18. Let’s Roll sticker featuring a D20 designed by someone going by Captain Har Har.

A good long overdue weekend project. Of course no one at work will be seeing these across a conference table for many more months! 💉

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iOS 14 Home Screen

iOS 14 brings Widgets and the App Library so I decided to do my first major reorganization since folders were introduced.

Here was the state of my phone right after updating to iOS 14 but before making any changes:

In the process of moving most apps into the App Library I removed a few that were no longer supported (generally older games) as well as apps for services I no longer use.

For widgets I’ve started with just weather and calendar which I’m likely to want at a glance; I’ve also reduced the number of apps on the first page. Still waiting for some of the third party widget apps that I’m likely to use heavily.

Possibly the biggest change is giving up on the default Dock; I barely use Phone directly and I don’t use Apple Mail much so those are both dropped in favor of Slack (social and work) and Twitterrific (I tweet too much).

Here’s how things are set up now, though I expect to refine it over the next few weeks as I see how I use things and as widget updates come through.

The astute among you may notice an extra page in each setup without a screenshot; that contains <redacted>.

I also dropped some apps I used to use heavily, or thought I would use heavily, and let them get buried in the App Library. I figure I’ll interact with those primarily through notifications, deep links, or search.

Maybe it’s a sign I need to get off Twitter and back to RSS?

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Smoky Sunset

A reddish sun sets over sound and mountains through wildfire smoke

Beautiful sunset caused by our ongoing climate disaster.

Twilight bands of Olympics over Magnolia
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Last Drop

Nick with his head tipped back draining the last coffee from a black carafe

Staycation is going well.

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A large pile of golden brown pancakes on a grey plate in the middle of a table

Made our favorite vegan pancake recipe from America’s Test Kitchen’s Vegan for Everybody cookbook.

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Beardo Wardo

Selfie of Nick with a beard

Playing around with shaping my quarantine beard. First time I’ve ever tried managing it… I’m usually either clean shaven or lazy scruffy.

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A Yorkie puppy turns his head while sitting on Nick's lap on the deck couch with a bit of sunset glow in the background

Enjoying the roof deck with the puppy now that it’s a bit cooler.

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Fingers Are Delicious

A small Yorkie sits on a square of fake grass, biting a hand

Instead of using his patch on the roof, Pike wanted to devour my hand.

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Working as Intended

A small Yorkie puppy head rests on the trackpad of a 16" MacBook Pro

“Stop typing so loud, I’m trying to sleep!”

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