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Pasta Bake

A slight modification of a vegan lasagna from the How Not to Die cookbook. We used farfalle and kinda layered it instead of using big noodles. Pretty tasty but next time we’re adding more sauce. And maybe something to give

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Tofu Scramble

Theo requested “something special” because “he has cereal every day”… so I made breakfast. I browned some tofu using this spice mix (though minus the black salt since we didn’t have any). Also threw in some sautéed peppers and onions

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   Many BB-8s died to bring us this information.

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…I had no idea this is what garbanzo beans look like. I’ve only ever had canned! (Related: I was 25 before I knew chick peas were the same thing.)

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Mother’s Day Scones

  Baking a tasty treat for Andrle (okay, and me) to enjoy today and the rest of this week.

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 I could get used to doing pork tenderloin outside in early March. Sorry, Boston. (This is from a few evenings ago.)

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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It’s Hard to Impress a Grill

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We ate their eggs yesterday. Fresh!

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I think we omnivores can all agree that this is the best kind of takeout container.

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