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Halloween 2019

Is it a fast ship??

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Listening to Star Wars

Kiddo wanted to listen to some Star Wars music and the Amazon Music interface gave us this. Going to start saying “By John Williams’ beard!!”.

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Rainbow Tauntaun

Theo’s latest work. “The man looks cold.” I like the tauntaun’s beard.

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Juno Fireworks

I’m having an Endor moment as Jupiter (newly orbited by Juno) peeks from behind some fir trees as fireworks explode. It’s the tiny white pixel in the lower left.

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Theo says “pew pew”.

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The Force Awakens

Now that was a Star Wars film! My ticket stub. The nerd couple. Siblings attack!

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   Many BB-8s died to bring us this information.

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Red Fish, Blue Fish

   This is my only patriotic colored shirt.

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Nerd Tree

A sampling of some of our nerdier Christmas ornaments. Mmm, a merry Christmas have, yes. Rawr.

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George Lucas’ crimes against nerdkind are, at this point, well known. One of the better overviews of this nerd tragedy is an episode of John Siracusa’s podcast Hypercritical from a few months ago. No matter how you feel about the so-called

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