Day: November 27, 2005

World of Warcraft Addiction

When I postploded, I forgot to append “Still addicted to WoW.” to the end of each post. Believe me, it’s still true. So true. Maybe I should take ‘s selection and have my parental units set up a parental control

Customer Mail Receptacles

In looking for mailboxen, I came across the U.S. Postal Service standards for “customer mail receptacles” (PDF). If I understand 1.2 and 1.3 correctly, exterior wall-mounted mail receptacles on a multi-family building are not letterboxes, whereas curbside mail receptacles (i.e.


The mailbox next to my front door is old, rusty, and leaky. If there’s heavy precipitation, or heavy wind with some precipitation, my mail gets soaked. The last victims were all of my birthday cards :o(. I’ve gotten permission from


Since I went shopping at the Arsenal Mall today, I became curious if there was any relationship between “arse” (and consequently “ass”) and “arsenal”. I suspected that it was just a chance similarity, which turns out to be the case.

Power Wheels

I’m sure you all remember what Power Wheels were. If you weren’t lucky enough to have your own car, you probably knew a neighbor kid who was. They also had the gendered branding of the Barbie version for girls (for


This is just the middle of what would apparently call a “postsplosion”. However, I’m not a fan of the consonant cluster “stspl”, and I feel like changing the tense for no particular reason, so I should warn you that I


Last Sunday, while out coat system shopping, I called my dad using my cell phone. It defaults to the home line, where I got “We’re sorry; the number 7… 6… 3… 5… 5… 1… 0… 6… 4… 6… has been


I am convinced more than ever that the T is intended to be ridden only be people who already know exactly where they’re going. I wanted to go to the Arsenal Mall Home Depot to look at weatherproof mailboxes (my


Thanks to singing in the UniLu choir for the last few months, I have recovered the full extent of my range when last I sang at the end of high school. The four-year hiatus at Swat, beyond casual singing at