Last Sunday, while out coat system shopping, I called my dad using my cell phone. It defaults to the home line, where I got “We’re sorry; the number 7… 6… 3… 5… 5… 1… 0… 6… 4… 6… has been disconnected.”. This was the point at which I realized that my parents were actually moving. I did reach them on my dad’s cell.

My post complaining about cell phone feature set orthogonality prompted my mom to tell me that my dad would also be in the market for a new cell phone once their move is complete. I’m focusing on T-Mobile at the moment, because even though my AT&T Wireless plan was taken over by Cingular, I’ve been stuck in the customer service orphanage with them. I’ve never gotten an explanation for why they didn’t just integrate the two systems, other than several reps who said that their “networks weren’t compatible”. Also, my mom and my sister currently use T-Mobile.

My mom suggested getting a family plan, but unfortunately (as I confirmed today at the T-Mobile store) those require both phones to be in the same area code. I want a Boston phone, and I would assume that my dad wants a Seattle phone.

Anyway, Jeff S. at the Arsenal Mall T-Mobile corporate store was very helpful. Not bad for your first month on the job Jeff, assuming you weren’t lying to dupe a customer. They have a good in-store deal on the Motorola RAZR, with an included Bluetooth headset, which is probably the phone that most closely matches what I actually want. Jeff couldn’t guarantee how long that deal might last, so I might move on it sooner rather than later. Or I might just stick with my current (cheaper) plan and stay in customer service jail.

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2 responses to “Phones”

  1. But with everyone having cell phones now, does having a Boston area code really matter? (I’ve had a NJ area code since freshman year of college.)

    Omigosh, I want a razr phone so badly!! It’s the only reason I’d consider switching providers (which, come to think of it, is how Dan picked Sprint, because they had the tiny Nokia he wanted).

  2. Dude, T-Mobile is teh awesome.


    Good coverage
    1500 minutes for $39.99
    Unlimited GPRS Internet access for $20 extra
    Customer service that does not treat you as though you have fucked its collective mother (seriously–my experiences have been quite positive)

    Also, if you switch, then I can call you for free. :)

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