Thanks to singing in the UniLu choir for the last few months, I have recovered the full extent of my range when last I sang at the end of high school. The four-year hiatus at Swat, beyond casual singing at SPC and SWIL events, definitely atrophied my singing muscle.

With a good solid breath, I can get both a high E and a low E, which was about the best I could do senior year of high school near the completion of my voice change.

One nice thing about UniLu choir is that, because it’s SATB and I’m a baritone, I can choose to be a tenor or bass on each song. Usually this is based on the range of the part, but a lot of the time I just pick the more interesting one :o).

Of course, I’m still partial to the ridiculous TTTTBBBB songs we sang in Northern Pines under the direction of Mr. J. I just prefer the sound of a multi-part men’s choir to a mixed or women’s choir. This reminds me that Mr. J. had his own direction for locking in the megachords at the end of a song: “con testicles” (pronounced in pretend Italian “cohn TEST-ih-cleez”), complete with a grasping hand direction. Both my high school choir and the city-wide Northern Pines choir found this incredibly amusing. He used the direction with the women’s choir too, or so I heard.

Dance Hall” from Good News For People Who Love Bad News by Modest Mouse