Power Wheels

I’m sure you all remember what Power Wheels were. If you weren’t lucky enough to have your own car, you probably knew a neighbor kid who was. They also had the gendered branding of the Barbie version for girls (for beach adventures) and the GI Joe version for boys (for off-road combat).

Seen at Linens N Things: a Cadillac Escalade Power Wheels. Now your kid can “ryde” in style. Note: Bling-bling not included. Le sigh… why must every fun toy be created by Hasbro?

Hunter (Dido)” from One Light On by Stanford Mixed Company


3 responses to “Power Wheels”

  1. God, I wanted a GI Joe Power Wheels Jeep more than life itself when I was a kid. Never got one. *bitter* :P

  2. Le sigh… indeed.

  3. Bah. Katie and Chrissy, the next-door-neighbor-girls my sister and I played with, were very stereotypically girly, though neither of them had the Barbie Power Wheels Jeep. I think I would have ridden in any Power Wheels vehicle, though.

    You would have been an awesome neighbor, and you probably would have poned me at kickball, climbed higher in the good climbing tree, and led our street to victory in the Treefort War against the kids two streets down.

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