This is just the middle of what would apparently call a “postsplosion”. However, I’m not a fan of the consonant cluster “stspl”, and I feel like changing the tense for no particular reason, so I should warn you that I am about to postplode. I suppose if we jump back to the Latin that would mean “to clap after”, but I’ll run with it.

So my dad has requested (hi mom and dad!) that I wait to see The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe until I’m in Seattle for Christmas and can see it with him. Presumably this is because the first time I was exposed to the books was when he read them to me, like many other great things we read together (complete with character voices) when I was little.

However, with both the Star Wars prequel trilogy and The Lord of the Rings, I made it a point to see all of the movies on opening night. I have a strong fandom-based desire to continue my streak with regards to epic fantasy movies and continue seeing them on opening night.

This may require a phone call with the male parental unit…

American Girl (Tom Petty)” from One Light On by Stanford Mixed Company

2 comments on “Narnia
  1. ricerurouni says:

    Oh jeez, have you seen the previews? It looks so bad. You might not want to bother seeing it at all, to keep from spoiling your childhood memories. XP

  2. stormwynd says:

    I had the same issue with all 3 LOTR movies and my parents (in particular my mom), but fandom won out over family. She still hasn’t forgiven me, I think….

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