World of Warcraft Addiction

When I postploded, I forgot to append “Still addicted to WoW.” to the end of each post. Believe me, it’s still true. So true.

Maybe I should take ‘s selection and have my parental units set up a parental control password on my account so I can’t play too much.

It hasn’t totally consumed my life yet, as evidenced by all the things I complain about. However, I’m pretty sure that if I had a girlfriend, I wouldn’t anymore ;o).

Still addicted to WoW.

The Scientist” from Tree Museum by Stanford Mixed Company






12 responses to “World of Warcraft Addiction”

  1. reldnahkram Avatar

    Oh, Nick…

    Surely you can find something else to do.

  2. ruthling Avatar

    like post to LJ for example?

  3. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    Nothing in moderation!

  4. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    I was at church for four hours, followed by three hours of shopping, followed by two hours of LJ, followed by what will assuredly be more than one hour of Warcraft.

    On Friday I went to see Goblet of Fire with my sister, and we had dinner, and tea afterward, so that was a 7 hour diversion unrelated to WoW.

  5. irilyth Avatar

    Maybe you’ll find a girlfriend on World Of Worcraft.

  6. flammifera Avatar

    Hey, he’s had a D&D character who found a girl…

  7. skyfaller Avatar

    If you had a girlfriend you wouldn’t complain anymore, or you wouldn’t play WoW?

  8. tirerim Avatar

    I think, if he had a girlfriend, he wouldn’t have one anymore, due to the WoW.

  9. flurious Avatar

    The trick, of course, is simply to find one who’s willing to play with me you.

  10. Nicolas Ward Avatar

    Sure, sure, brag about it and lord it over the rest of us.

  11. naijangie Avatar

    nick just chooses to play with himself…

    o/t: nick, where ya gonna be for xmas/new years? i’m doing a quick jaunt in the motherland over xmas and then ny for new years

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