Month: September 2004

Getting Answers Online

First of all, sorry for the general lack of updates. I’ve pretty much be coding all the time lately. It’s fun, but it feels like I haven’t slept in two weeks. At any rate, a short story: I was trying

Disk Hoggery

So it turns out that fink has been keeping nearly a gigabyte of obsolete .deb packages in its cache. I was performing a much-needed fink –update-all today, and I got the disk full message. Sweet. On another computer related note,

Let’s Take Shots of Cheese!

I swear, it was Emery’s idea. I think we’d melt the cheese, put it into a shot glass, and drink it before it cools completely. Thoughts? Are we insane? Suggestions? Perhaps a touch of chili powder? “Barely Legal” from Is

If I can do this without sleep…

…imagine what I could do with sleep! Over the last two days, I have stayed up until 5 am and 3:30 am, respectively, working on my fog generator. Admittedly, I wasted a lot of time by insisting on trying to

My Towel Fell in the Line of Duty

Someone on my hall was hospitalized early this morning for severe alcohol poisoning, but according to my hallmates who were not oblivious (and are currently cleaning the bathroom as best they can with soap and paper towels), the guy is

Perlin Noise

It may not look like much, but this is a key component of a multi-dimensional multi-spectral stochastic fog generator!

The Drunkest I’ve Ever Been

Tonight was the inaugural Ladies’ Night of the semester, held on Wharton CD 3rd. While migrating between the rooms of Geoff, Raghu, and Shiva, I had an excellent evening, perpetuated by three mixed drinks and a shot. I am sure

Lit Searchin’

You know what’s weird? Looking for papers relevant to a paper you’re writing, and then realizing that you’ve met the author(s) of a paper you’ve found. I feel like I shouldn’t know these people, or something. Maybe I’m just crazy.

Experiments in Coffee

While I was home for the end of summer, I purchased a french press and a burr coffee grinder. I have now attempted to make coffee twice, and both times it has come out very, very strong. As my mom