The Drunkest I’ve Ever Been

Tonight was the inaugural Ladies’ Night of the semester, held on Wharton CD 3rd. While migrating between the rooms of Geoff, Raghu, and Shiva, I had an excellent evening, perpetuated by three mixed drinks and a shot. I am sure that I have reached the absolute limit I would ever want to reach, so I suppose that it is good that I know several layers of limits for myself.

This evening began at around 11, and went until 1:30, over the course of which I had one shot of whiskey and three mixed vodka-based drinks. I also drank over a liter and a half of water, which is how I plan to be at least half-functional for E41 tomorrow. Not that it really matters, since Macken pretty much treats us like middle schoolers in terms of how he asks questions. I’m not offended by it, but I am annoyed by the pace that it implies.

I spent most of my time catching up with people I hadn’t seen all summer, but I ended the evening with an ongoing chain of nurdy discussions. Somehow, we got onto the topic of Legos (I think I may have mentioned how I will have to pack all of mine when my parental units move), and from their, the conversation fairly quickly moved to Star Trek. It seems like I tend to discover closeted or mostly closeted Trekkies at parties, where they’re just tipsy enough to brag about their nurdy knowledge.

Eventually, I ended up talking to Rich (one of Jake’s and Jordan’s quintmates from last year) about the theology of Tolkien. Hopefully I will remember most of our discussion in the morning ;o).

I think I spent most of the time hearing about people’s schedules, and their goals for the upcoming semester. Jacqui showed up later in the evening, so naturally she made fun of my nurdage, and strategically placed Jacqui hairs on my clothing so that I could deposit them in our new room, much as she used to leave them all over the place when she visited either Emery or I over the last two years.

I re-met a few people I hadn’t seen since freshman year, so it was nice to catch up with them. Hopefully I will remember the names of acquaintances new and old in the morning…

The things I blame:
vodka and fruit punch
vodka and grape-cranberry juice
whiskey shot
vodka, amaretto, orange crush, and fruit punch

I’m a little nauseated just thinking about what I consumed. Ah well; it was a fun party, and I gotta say, I never once felt uncomfortable or wallflowerish. I’m not sure if that’s a Swarthmore effect, or only an effect I experience once I’m drunk enough. Clearly, more in-depth studies are required…

Bukowski” from Good News For People Who Love Bad News by Modest Mouse


2 responses to “The Drunkest I’ve Ever Been”

  1. This was the second ladies’ night of the semester. You missed the inaugural one last week.


  2. It was my inaugural ladies’ night.

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