Let’s Take Shots of Cheese!

I swear, it was Emery’s idea. I think we’d melt the cheese, put it into a shot glass, and drink it before it cools completely.

Thoughts? Are we insane?

Suggestions? Perhaps a touch of chili powder?

Barely Legal” from Is This It? by The Strokes

7 comments on “Let’s Take Shots of Cheese!
  1. rosta says:

    Think Fondue, or CheezWhiz.

  2. tirerim says:

    Real cheeze has to be pretty hot to be liquid enough to actually drink — I think you’d burn yourself. You might be able to mix the cheese with something to keep it liquid at lower temperatures, though.

  3. arctangent says:

    We did this as a punishment for non-drinkers (me) at the rugby team as an alternative to downing shots of whiskey.

    It was not pleasant.

  4. q10 says:

    oil burns are sorta a bad thing…

  5. stormwynd says:

    Watch the temperature of the melted cheese — it’ll be pretty hot, and if you’re using an especially oily cheese, the oil that separates out during the melting process could be pretty painful to swallow.

  6. god_of_belac says:

    My favorite nonalcoholic shot is worchestershire sauce. With wasabi added for masochism, sometimes.

  7. reldnahkram says:

    /me whimpers and runs away quickly

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