Lit Searchin’

You know what’s weird? Looking for papers relevant to a paper you’re writing, and then realizing that you’ve met the author(s) of a paper you’ve found. I feel like I shouldn’t know these people, or something. Maybe I’m just crazy.

You Are Not Alone (Classic Club Mix)” from Blood On The Dance Floor: HIStory In The Mix by Michael Jackson


2 responses to “Lit Searchin’”

  1. This has happened to me as I’ve met more people and kept working in the same field. I think academic fields are all really small, so once your well into your career, you know everyone in your field. It’s still weird, though.

  2. you know there’s a Frank Zappa song called “We Are Not Alone”. I guess that’s not really the same thing, though. You should check it out. I think.

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