Disk Hoggery

So it turns out that fink has been keeping nearly a gigabyte of obsolete .deb packages in its cache. I was performing a much-needed fink –update-all today, and I got the disk full message. Sweet.

On another computer related note, the tab key on Chronos’ keyboard finally broke off completely. One of the little clips on the key had cracked, so the key was popping off from time to time. Now it won’t stay on at all, and I’ll have to shell out for a new key. The only place I could find online sells the keys for $6.50, not including $10 S&H!!! As if they couldn’t just drop the damn thing in a first-class envelope…

If I had ridiculous sources of money, I’d get the TouchStream in-case replacement keyboard for the PBG4. The only problem with it is that it doesn’t plug in to the internal connector, but rather has an external ribbon cable that goes back to one of the rear USB ports.

Playground Love” from The Virgin Suicides by Air