Month: June 2004

4000+ Lines

I broke the 4000 line mark on the code for the robot interface. Admittedly, almost a quarter of that is the ginormous hashing function to convert between string descriptions of keys and the SDL internal enumerated type. Another quarter of

Fahrenheit 9/11

I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 last night with , , and others. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is definitely worth seeing. I’m actually cross-posting, because I’m lazy, so the thoughts on the movie that I’ve written up

Robotic Victory Dance

Unfortunately I didn’t catch the screenshot in time to catch Bruce dancing a jig in front of the robot, but I can assure you that that is exactly what he was doing. In case you’re wondering why I’m victorious, it’s

The Daily Show

Last night, Jon Stewart was totally on target. I think it’s really cool that, because he’s on what’s advertised as a comedy news show, he can actually speak his mind, and doesn’t have to worry about deviating from some expected


Got egged by ville rats on our way home from a party at Gabe’s (the apartment above the laundromat). First pass: saved by bus shelter at Rutgers and Chester. Second pass: miss, fired between Fritz and me. Third pass: hit

Comment Statistics Meme

Who’s been commenting in your journal? 1 97 comments 19.48% of total 2 47 comments 9.44% of total 3 32 comments 6.43% of total 4 24 comments 4.82% of total 5 23 comments 4.62% of total 6 18 comments 3.61%

Cooking at Ye Olde Yale House

I just made a version of this recipe, a sort of tex-mex stew with tortillas. I used more fresh veggies, and add a lot more spice than in the recipe. Yale House as a whole is a big fan of

Behold! The SCCS Forums!

As I’ve already announced over in the community, the SCCS has just set up a new swarthmore online forum. Anyone with a e-mail address (SCCS, CS, SwatMail, even Alum…) can sign up to use the forums. I did all

Fancy Ketchup

Dan says: “Do you guys want to go to Panera?” What Dan heard from me: “I need to go somewhere with a fancy ketchup machine!” (hilarity ensues) What I actually said: “I need to go somewhere with a PNC cash

You Know It’s Humid When…

The cereal boxes in your room feel soggy. However, the thunderstorm last night was spectacular; lots of cloud-to-cloud lightning near the base of clouds, so it was very bright and visible.