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Last night, Jon Stewart was totally on target. I think it’s really cool that, because he’s on what’s advertised as a comedy news show, he can actually speak his mind, and doesn’t have to worry about deviating from some expected viewpoint.

The first great moment was in the news section: ::video clip of Cheney denying that a meeting between Atta and an Iraqi official had been confirmed, then denying that he had ever said it had been confirmed:: ::earlier video clip of Cheney saying that such a meeting had been confirmed:: “Excuse me, Mr. Vice President? Your pants are on fire.” There’s something great about catching our leaders in a lie…

Then he interviewed the author of The Connection, a book examining evidence “connecting” Al Qaeda and Iraq. Jon Stewart got this Hayes guy to admit that maybe going to war should require higher standards for the burden of proof, and that there are a lot of other countries out there that are or have been doing the same things that Iraq is doing. Stewart’s 4 criteria were WMDs, harboring and/or supporting terrorists, anti-US rhetoric, and oppressing your own people. Iran, the Sudan, and North Korea fit all of these to some extent.

Just thought it was interesting at any rate.


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  1. There’s something great about catching our leaders in a lie…

    Er, or sad.

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