Behold! The SCCS Forums!

As I’ve already announced over in the community, the SCCS has just set up a new swarthmore online forum. Anyone with a e-mail address (SCCS, CS, SwatMail, even Alum…) can sign up to use the forums.

I did all of the SCCS-ified logos for the various bulletin board themes. When you sign up for an account, I’d recommend using the xeon, Jenova, or digiTech themes; I think they’re the best. My personal favorite is Jenova, largely because I’m a big fan of soft blues and grays for web design.

Anyway, all of you Swatties and former Swatties should sign up for our totally awesome forums, powered by phpBB!


One response to “Behold! The SCCS Forums!”

  1. phpBB sounds like a noise you’d make sticking your tongue out at someone…

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