Month: January 2004

Just a wee bit tipsy

A brief anecdote from tonight’s pub night alternative at Geoff’s: Fritz threatened to throw me in Geoff’s closet for being silly and a bit annoying. I obliged and went in the closet myself. Geoff complained because his clothes were in

Computer Languages

Right now I’m going over an Introduction to Python for CS63, Artificial Intelligence. I don’t know why this hasn’t hit me before, but once you learn one high-level computer language, it becomes significantly easier to learn new ones. I suppose

I’m back! And so is my e-mail!

I just got back from 4 days in Washington D.C. participating in a Human-Machine Interface experiment using Swarthmore’s Urban Search & Rescue robots. More on that later. As it happens, we didn’t have Internet access while we were down there,


At this point, the only things that remain unpacked are Chronos, his power adapter, the clothes I am going to wear tomorrow, my toiletries, my coat (with pocketed gloves and earmuffs), and my shoes. The quick packing at 1 am

Grades Are Posted

And here I thought this was going to be my worst semester at Swat, grade-wise. Taking three engineering lab courses can instill that kind of paranoia. I was most concerned with E72, Electronic Circuit Applications, which I felt kind of

My ID is fixed

Two quick phone calls later, and my ID problem is fixed. It turns out that the clerk I talked to this summer issued my new ID as a “duplicate” instead of a “renewal” – in other words, it had the

Thinking About Mortality

The obituary for a girl from my high school was in the paper today. I had actually heard on Monday, from my dad who still works at Breck. She just passed away from some sort of sudden medical condition. She

A Star Trek Meme

I can’t believe JC beat me to this. Well, at least I got a better result than him :oP. You are an Akira-class Battlecruiser, every shipshould be like this. You are very versatileand can be trusted to perform any task

Sleep Schedule, Schmeep Schedule

Today I slept from 5 am to 3 pm. That means that the sun will be setting roughly 2 hours after I get up. I’m sure that this will completely mess up my equilibrium, and I will be effectively jet-lagged

I Feel Stupid

As you can see, I’m posting to my actual livejournal, as opposed to the feed. The reason I set up the feed was solely to use iBlog with my .Mac account. iBlog was one of the “free” pieces of software,