My ID is fixed

Two quick phone calls later, and my ID problem is fixed. It turns out that the clerk I talked to this summer issued my new ID as a “duplicate” instead of a “renewal” – in other words, it had the expiration date of my old ID.

The first phone call got me the number to whatever we call the DMV here, where they could actually call up my record. For the second phone call, I went through a menu, entered my ID number, and got connected to someone right away. I guess they’re not doing much on a Friday afternoon. The funniest part of the menu system was that options had instructions like “Please say yes uur nuu naow” in the best Minnesotan accent you can imagine :o).

At any rate, they’re going to send me a new ID to my Swat address for no charge. It’ll arrive in about two weeks, so it should be there when I get back from Washington, D.C. The Hennepin County bureaucracy is digging itself out of the hole of its own creation.

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