Sleep Schedule, Schmeep Schedule

Today I slept from 5 am to 3 pm. That means that the sun will be setting roughly 2 hours after I get up. I’m sure that this will completely mess up my equilibrium, and I will be effectively jet-lagged the rest of the day.

I did have fun things to do last night: I watched a Nova special about the preparation and launch of the Spirit and Opportunity Mars rovers, I surfed online a lot, I read several chapters in The Lord of the Rings, I played some Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates (they finally fixed one of the main puzzles so that it’s mac-compatible), and I ripped a number of CDs from the family collection that I was missing. I am now one CD short of the 2000 song mark :o).

I do have a few productive things I need to do before the business day runs out. I need to call Hennepin County about fixing my state ID, and I need to order some CDs online for my mom. The latter is easy, and as for the former, I am hoping I can convince them not to charge me a fee, since the mistake was completely on their end.

Before leaving MN for Swat this past semester, I ordered my over-21 state ID, to be delivered on my 21st birthday, October 25th, 2003. My under-21 ID was set to expire on my 21st birthday, so I needed to order the ID before leaving. I got the ID in the mail at Swat the week before my birthday, and started using it shortly thereafter for the purpose of buying alcoholic beverages. As it happens, I’ve been carded a lot less than I expected, but since I am legal, I don’t particularly care (even though I could probably pass for 15, especially with my retainer). At any rate, I used my ID uneventfully throughout the semester, including several TSA checks at airports. On a flight with my family from Chicago back to Minneapolis, the NWA ticket agent asked if I had an unexpired ID; naturally I was confused, since my ID had only been issued 2 months previously. I needed to get the full TSA search (with wanding and bomb sniffing), which wasn’t a huge added delay because there wasn’t a line in their cordoned off area.

I inspected my ID, and found that it’s expiration date was 10-25-03. Now let’s think about this briefly. This is an over-21 ID, and therefore not valid until my 21st birthday. My 21st birthday was 10-25-03. This means that the ID was not valid until 10-25-03. Yes, readers, my ID expired the very same day it was issued. I love bureaucracy.

I double and triple-checked with the clerk when I got my ID that it was okay to order my ID before 21. I can only conclude that they copied the expiration date from my under-21 ID. I really don’t want to have to spend a lot of time fixing this. ::sigh::


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  1. XJournal didn’t insert my music properly

  2. So far I’ve been carded 3 times. One was the second-to-last time I went out for drinks in the UK, which was ironic since I’d just mentioned to a friend that people in the UK never really cared about ID. And another was my birthday dinner, but since then I haven’t had a problem.

  3. BTW, thought of you when I saw this quiz —

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    Yes, I certainly appreciate luxury. ;)

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