Grades Are Posted

And here I thought this was going to be my worst semester at Swat, grade-wise. Taking three engineering lab courses can instill that kind of paranoia. I was most concerned with E72, Electronic Circuit Applications, which I felt kind of lost in throughout the semester. I tied my worst grade, with E72 coming out the same as E6, my first real (and probably scariest) engin course.

As for E15 and E27, I think I did as well as I did because of Bruce. He’s a great prof, and the subject matter is really in tune with what I want to do. It probably helped to have worked with him over the summer, thus having an idea of how he works.

Emery and I definitely complemented each other well on E15 and E27; I helped him with Digitial Logic, he helped me with all of that analog crap that he loves so well. I’m sure I largely have him to thank for my better-than-expected grade in E72.

E27, Computer Vision, has me really looking forward to Advanced Vision, E127, this coming semester. I’m hoping we do some more 3-D stuff, or stereo vision, or something. Can anyone say “Mars rover”?

Oh yeah, and surprise, surprise, I passed Spanish Literature. Whoopee. I think I could have passed without turning in the final project :o\. If I ever get the idea in my head to take another literature course, someone needs to knock some sense into me with a large piece of archaic computer equipment.

No offense to all of you humanities people out there, but I just can’t stomach Literature with a capital L for very long, even though I love to read. I think it basically comes down to my preference for event-based stories as opposed to people-based stories. I don’t know the technical terms for that, but based on the books I’ve enjoyed and the ones I haven’t been able to stand (curse you, Faulkner!!!), it has something to do with the storytelling style. There’s got to be some good Spanish sci-fi out there, right? Right?

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face” from A Rush Of Blood To The Head by Coldplay