I Feel Stupid

As you can see, I’m posting to my actual livejournal, as opposed to the feed. The reason I set up the feed was solely to use iBlog with my .Mac account. iBlog was one of the “free” pieces of software, so in other words, using it would partially justify paying for .Mac for this year. The other reason was to keep a copy of my journal entries on my hard drive.

What I completely didn’t think about before starting this convoluted setup was that there might be LJ clients for OS X. Right now I’m using XJournal, which uses the Safari engine to display stuff, and interfaces with Address Book cards. My only complaint thus far is that it doesn’t appear to be able to display my merged friends page; it only does one friend at a time. It also grabs my current music from iTunes automatically.

As for the me being stupid part, it seems like this is probably a better way for me to do this, since it interfaces directly with my LiveJournal. I will have to go and backdate a bunch of my K5 entries, just so they’re out there.

In summary: this is a lot more direct than uploading to my .Mac account and having the feed on LiveJournal. It also puts my comments in the same place as my journal. My apologies to for wasting her synchronization points.

I think I may switch to using this Xjournal, even after all of the effort I put in with the iBlog templates. Any recommendations either way?


4 responses to “I Feel Stupid”

  1. Well of course there are Mac OS clients! Duh. :^) Should’ve said “I’m using iBlog because it’s a native Mac OS client” when I asked in the first place…

    http://www.livejournal.com/download/?platform=Macintosh has a list of others, if you haven’t been there already. (If you have been there already: What lead you to pick Xjournal rather than the others?)

    Incidentally, no need to apologize about the syndication points — they’re never spent, just allocated, so when we all unsubscribe to your RSS-feed journal, we’ll get them back.

  2. The feature list is pretty good. Also, Xjournal was definitely built with OS X integration in mind. They use a lot of Apple’s standard stuff, like Safari view panes, Address Book objects, and so forth.

  3. Doh! Yeah, I’ve been happily posting to LJ through an OS X client for, almost all the time I’ve had my journal. I downloaded Phoenix back then, and it’s served me well.

    Um, welcome back to LJ? Not that you ever left, but, well, yeah :-)

  4. I’ve been using XJournal for a while now, and it seems to work fine. I’m not sure what a ‘merged friends page’ is, so I don’t know about that. The only crucial thing to remember is that you have to open a new entry (i.e. a new window) when you start a new entry — otherwise, it will overwrite the previous entry that you posted from that window. I also find it obnoxious that it asks if I want to save every entry before closing, even when I’ve just posted it (and thus have a saved copy up on lj), but I suppose it makes some sense.

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