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 I could get used to doing pork tenderloin outside in early March. Sorry, Boston. (This is from a few evenings ago.)

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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It’s Hard to Impress a Grill

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We ate their eggs yesterday. Fresh!

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I think we omnivores can all agree that this is the best kind of takeout container.

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A Bagel Too Far

Pumpkin Spice is everywhere!

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Quinoa in a red sauce made from carrots, zucchini, squash, and fresh tomatoes from our neighbor’s garden.

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I wonder if counting the rings tells you its age? Either way, it won’t live long.

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Feeding my Kobold

Having some delicious leftover Cajun BBQ baby wings. All Hail King Torg!

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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Andrle has been hitting it out of the park with tasty skillet recipes this week.

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