Möbius Bagel


Via JWZ’s LiveJournal I found a method for slicing a bagel into two linked halves. I decided to try it. Video below the cut.

I just did this freehand; this was my first try. Not as hard as the instructions make it sound.

I think it’s pretty cool. Impress your nerdy friends!


2 responses to “Möbius Bagel”

  1. BDan Avatar

    It’s not really a Möbius anything, though: the cut has a full twist rather than a half twist, which is why you still get two separate pieces. If you make a true Möbius cut you’ll get one long loop of bagel.

    1. Oh, I know. But that’s what I’ve seen most people call it, and it evokes the right sort of topology ideas in non-experts.

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