Tag: maths

  • Geeky Shirts

       Thanks to today’s early purge of geeky 16 geeky t-shirts (thus pleasing the Binary), I have 19 shirts remaining (thus pleasing the Primes)… Which means I can do this and sort them by color. I can’t explain what joy this brings me.

  • Handidecimal

    This license plate in my neighborhood amuses me. Appropriate since the wheelchair logo is typically blue.

  • Apple Powers

    The pie requires 8 apples. I sliced each apple into 32 slices, depth-first. This pie will thus contain exactly 256 slices. This makes me far happier than it should.

  • Möbius Bagel

    Via JWZ’s LiveJournal I found a method for slicing a bagel into two linked halves. I decided to try it. Video below the cut.