The Hatred Frequency

I have discovered what I call the Hatred Frequency™. I call it that, because if you hear it long enough, it will cause you to hate everything, and eventually slip into an inescapable murderous rage. I’m not sure how long that process takes, because I have no experimental data, but I was definitely slipping into insanity by the end.

Said frequency is produced by some component of 2000 manufacture year A319s when taxiing. If you are stuck in the middle of the tarmac for 10 minutes, then you get the joy of hearing the Hatred Frequency™ for that period, plus more!

Normally I can block out repeated background noise, but this was just so grating that I literally stuck my fingers in my ears. Yes mother, I know – I should never put anything smaller than a football in my ear.

8 comments on “The Hatred Frequency
  1. stepleton says:

    Soaring is fun.

  2. Nicolas Ward says:

    Can you soar from Boston to D.C.?

  3. stepleton says:

    Not as easily as you can soar from State College to Knoxville and back. But it’s probably not physically impossible.

  4. tirerim says:

    No, no, it’s “never put anything in your ear except your elbow.”

  5. somebodyku says:

    chances are that there are much more complex and subtle harmonics to the tone that cause it to be even more grating than just a single frequency. did you happen to make a recording? I’d be fascinated to do a complete analysis.

    were other people exploding around you as well, or were you the only one affected to this degree?

  6. arctangent says:

    Or a long, thin crocheting needle, if the earwax just gets so aggravating you can’t stand it anymore.

    That’s how I amended it, anyway.

  7. Nicolas Ward says:

    It’s all about the Q-tips, which explicitly state “Do not insert into ear canal”.

  8. sildra says:

    Your own elbow. Emphasis on own.

    …as my parents always reminded me and my siblings on long car trips…

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