D&D Meetup

So I tried out a D&D Meetup (http://dnd.meetup.com/768/?gj=sj8) at the Boston Beerworks near Fenway. Five other guys showed up; they all seemed pretty cool, although unfortunately most of them live way oot and want to run games in the ‘burbs if they can. One guy is running a game at MIT, but I’m not sure if it’s my playstyle. I may try it out for a few weeks, to see if I’m interested.

The one lame thing is that, because I am a slow eater and drinker (I savor every morsel, and I chew more slowly in a way that I am sure is superior for my digestion), everyone else left me at the table for at least 20 minutes while I finished my burger and nut brown ale. LAAAAAAAAME.

At least I was able to watch the Red Sox-Twins game. I was just tipsy enough to gain the deathwish of wanting to sing out “We’re gonna win Twins/We’re gonna score/We’re gonna win Twins/Watch that baseball soar!” and then getting murdered by a barful of Sox fans. That’s probably hyperbole. Probably.

If any of you bostonians are interested in D&D, you should join the meetup so we have more than 6 people next month. Or, conversely, we could try putting some sort of campaign or at least one-shot party together. , I’m looking at you…


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  1. Yeah, yeah, I know… my schedule is erratic enough for the rest of the summer that it’s difficult to secure a recurring block of time for anything. Something at MIT might be doable, though, since I’m already there a few nights a week. What’s the schedule like for the game there?

  2. I’d consider taking part in something online.

    One of my good friends used to work at Boston Beer Works – I assume she still does. Let me know if you’re still meeting there, and I’ll tell her to be sure to make fun of y’all :)

  3. I count as almost Bostonian for the summer. I’m not actually interested in D&D, but if other gaming happens, perhaps. Enjoy your breakfast, which I’m sure you’re just now finishing up.

  4. Amy and I are in a game now, and are feeling pretty swamped through approximately October, but it’s conceivable that we might be interested in a game if someone were to start one. Some sort of oneshot is also a possibility.

    We are not so interested in a bar-based D&D meetup, though. We would much rather play with friendly people we already know.

  5. Good for you :) are these potential games all D&D? What do you mean by “not sure if it’s my playstyle” regarding the MIT game?

  6. I didn’t know you played! Although I probably, you know, should have.

    I assume that means that you don’t have openings in your current campaign. What are you playing? 3.0? 3.5? D20 Modern? D20 Past? D20 Future?

  7. Our current game is in the Harn setting and system, which have nothing to do with D&D at all except that it’s vaguely (low-magic) fantasy. The game currently has some issues with pacing and style, and the players and GM have been talking recently about ways to improve things, so we’ll see what happens. I don’t think we’re looking to add players at this point, but if we do work out the other issues, I can ask. :^) And if the game falls apart and we start something new, I’ll definitely ask about joiners then.

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