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So I tried out a D&D Meetup (http://dnd.meetup.com/768/?gj=sj8) at the Boston Beerworks near Fenway. Five other guys showed up; they all seemed pretty cool, although unfortunately most of them live way oot and want to run games in the ‘burbs if they can. One guy is running a game at MIT, but I’m not sure if it’s my playstyle. I may try it out for a few weeks, to see if I’m interested.

The one lame thing is that, because I am a slow eater and drinker (I savor every morsel, and I chew more slowly in a way that I am sure is superior for my digestion), everyone else left me at the table for at least 20 minutes while I finished my burger and nut brown ale. LAAAAAAAAME.

At least I was able to watch the Red Sox-Twins game. I was just tipsy enough to gain the deathwish of wanting to sing out “We’re gonna win Twins/We’re gonna score/We’re gonna win Twins/Watch that baseball soar!” and then getting murdered by a barful of Sox fans. That’s probably hyperbole. Probably.

If any of you bostonians are interested in D&D, you should join the meetup so we have more than 6 people next month. Or, conversely, we could try putting some sort of campaign or at least one-shot party together. , I’m looking at you…

7 comments on “D&D Meetup
  1. metaplasmus says:

    Yeah, yeah, I know… my schedule is erratic enough for the rest of the summer that it’s difficult to secure a recurring block of time for anything. Something at MIT might be doable, though, since I’m already there a few nights a week. What’s the schedule like for the game there?

  2. reldnahkram says:

    I’d consider taking part in something online.

    One of my good friends used to work at Boston Beer Works – I assume she still does. Let me know if you’re still meeting there, and I’ll tell her to be sure to make fun of y’all :)

  3. sonatanator says:

    I count as almost Bostonian for the summer. I’m not actually interested in D&D, but if other gaming happens, perhaps. Enjoy your breakfast, which I’m sure you’re just now finishing up.

  4. irilyth says:

    Amy and I are in a game now, and are feeling pretty swamped through approximately October, but it’s conceivable that we might be interested in a game if someone were to start one. Some sort of oneshot is also a possibility.

    We are not so interested in a bar-based D&D meetup, though. We would much rather play with friendly people we already know.

  5. somebodyku says:

    Good for you :) are these potential games all D&D? What do you mean by “not sure if it’s my playstyle” regarding the MIT game?

  6. Nicolas Ward says:

    I didn’t know you played! Although I probably, you know, should have.

    I assume that means that you don’t have openings in your current campaign. What are you playing? 3.0? 3.5? D20 Modern? D20 Past? D20 Future?

  7. irilyth says:

    Our current game is in the Harn setting and system, which have nothing to do with D&D at all except that it’s vaguely (low-magic) fantasy. The game currently has some issues with pacing and style, and the players and GM have been talking recently about ways to improve things, so we’ll see what happens. I don’t think we’re looking to add players at this point, but if we do work out the other issues, I can ask. :^) And if the game falls apart and we start something new, I’ll definitely ask about joiners then.

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