Today one of my coworkers offered me, as she called it, raktajino – aka Klingon coffee. Obviously, there is not actually any such thing, but we Trekkies can dream.

In actuality, it was some coffee from Sudan. This stuff was not messing around – I have coffee every day, and this gave me a bit of a caffeine headache. It was very probably the best black coffee I have ever had. Apparently the secret is cardamon.


5 responses to “Raktajino”

  1. Mmm, cardamom. Will have to try that, though I am not normally much of a coffee drinker. Also, raktajino!

    You mean it gave you a caffeine headache after it wore off?

  2. Yes, and I actually felt the buzz as well. I’d peg it as very close to the caffeine density of straight espresso.

  3. I will note that you can add cardamom powder to regular coffee in a drip coffeemaker and get a nice effect, though nothing like the middle-eastern stuff.

  4. Interesting. You know, the convention I visited (not really attended) on Sunday has fair amount of Klingon programming for the, uh, Klingon community. I wonder if anyone has considred selling very strong Middle Eastern coffee at a Star Trek or other convention and marketed as raktajino.

  5. raktajino sounds all well and nice, but show me the BLOOD WINE!!

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