RIP, Spacebar

I reported on my failed tab key last October (hard to believe it was that long ago). My spacebar is now suffering from a failure.

For the last week or so, it hasn’t been registering about 1 in 10 keypresses, roughly. If any of you log IMs, you can probably see examples from my typing after I got my DSL finally up and running.

Today the springy bit gave up the ghost, and the key is stuck down. Thankfully stuck down does not mean pressing continuously on a Powerbook G4, otherwise I’d be in real trouble.

I have yet to pry the key off to attempt to diagnose the situation, but I assume that the rubber springy bit has broken. The key is still mounted properly, but the button underneath is having issues. I hope that I won’t have to replace the whole keyboard; I was planning to use Chronos until he developed a much more expensive hardware fault (HD, screen, mobo) that wouldn’t be worth fixing.


2 responses to “RIP, Spacebar”

  1. Be warned, a Mac spacebar is a pain in the ass to deal with. You may have encountered this before, but I forget how much it sucks every time I pry it off. :^p Probably worth doing, but anyway.

  2. I suspect that either keyboard or CD-ROM death will be the end of this machine. Neither works perfectly, but neither is a real annoyance yet. I find that flexing the whole thing tends to fix keyboard issues, but my problems are non-mechanical in nature (it will periodically not register keypresses from “columns”, usually the IK, or QAZ columns.

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