I need some sort of magical massage ray. Or a girlfriend. In other words, ow, I must have terrible posture.

The entire back right part of my neck has decided to become a solid knot of tense muscle. I am currently ice-pack-in-towel-ing it, but I’m not certain that’s the best fix.

I am also freaking out because I thought that the ice trays that came with my freezer were the standard dozen cube trays; however, there are 14 cubes. Scary, I know.


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  1. wayman says:

    I thought most ice cube trays were 2-by-7. Ow :-(

  2. tirerim says:

    My ice cube trays have 14 sections. However, for stiff muscles you want heat, not cold — get a hot water bottle, a heating pad, or one of those microwaveable hot packs.

  3. reldnahkram says:

    For applying cold to painful things, a bag of frozen corn is resuable and quite effective. Keep it in a zip-lock bag to maintain structural integrity.

  4. uncleamos says:

    Ours are certainly 14-cube trays.

  5. uncleamos says:

    Keep it in a zip-lock bag to maintain structural integrity.


  6. flammifera says:

    Yeah, I’m also developing knots underneath my shoulder muscles, particularly my right one (I suspect from stretching across my cubicle to quick check my email or something). Carrying a ton of groceries on Friday from Reading Terminal Market, on the R3, to YH didn’t help either. I guess I need to learn how to be all ergonomic now…

  7. stormwynd says:

    Earlier this year, I invested in an actual cold pack that lives in my freezer until I need it. It doesn’t seem to collect condensation as much as ice bags do, plus it’s more flexible, so it does a better job of coldifying areas quickly.

    If your neck is tense, would heat work better than cold? I’ve heard recommendations for both.

  8. danceduchess says:

    You know I have stress induced rock of a back like every day…and the best for muscle tension is heat. Not ice. Ice is for swelling. Heat is muscle pain. Or like you said, I can always find you a girlfriend :)

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