Microwave Fixage

I’m off work waiting for a service tech from GE to come and take a look at my microwave. I love that the best they can do for scheduling is “between 1pm and 5pm”. I guess that way they avoid nailing themselves down and then pissing off a customer by being a little bit late.

Anyway, the vent fan in my microwave was making a loud “chunka-chunka-chunka” instead of the normal “whirrrrrrrrr”, so I called my landlord and he set up this service appointment. Of course, as these things always work out, it will probably work perfectly when the technician looks at it.

Thankfully, my hours are flexible, so I can just let my immediate supervisor-type-person know when I’m disappearing. I still need to do my 40+ hours a week, which means either staying late or getting in early or coming in on Saturday or Sunday. I think that, unless the service guy shows up very soon and I can get back to work, I will probably plan to come in on the weekend to avoid doing too much work all in one long afternoon/evening chunk.


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  1. They give you a service time “between 1 and 5” so that they can show up at 6:15 the following day.

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