Embracing nward2

Many of you have heard me whine about how ITS assigned me the e-mail address “nward2” at school, even though “nward1” had graduated and the e-mail was no longer used. I know at least a few of my friends and family sent mail to that non-existent address over my four years at Swat.

However, I need to label my mailbox. The USPS strongly encourages it, and the MA RMV says that the mailman probably wouldn’t deliver my state ID if the mailbox wasn’t labeled.

Since I live in Apartment 2 (really, just the second floor), and since I’m cheap (those letters are 20¢ a piece!), NWARD2 will be emblazoning the rusty mailbox outside my rarely-used front door.

I know that the mailman can’t appreciate my witty choice of labels, but I think it’s a funny idea.

Gone Labeling…


7 responses to “Embracing nward2”

  1. Question: was “nward1” “nward” before you got to Swat and then changed to “nward1” when they created “nward2” for you, or was “nward1” always “nward1” in anticipation of the possible need to create “nward2”?

    OK, that sounded much clearer in my brain, but I hope you get the idea.

  2. haven’t they also brought names out of retirement, so to speak?

  3. For reasons I don’t understand, Swat’s e-mail assignment method was first lettter first name, first six letters last name, number. So there was an nward1 followed by nward2, etc. I don’t know whether they’re resuing numbers, I assume they’ll do that when they hit 10. There ought to be a pool somewhere on the first e-mail address to “roll over”.

  4. jschnei9!

  5. I’m pretty sure the jsmiths have wrapped; there were like four of us the first year the system was set up, so they must have hit ten by now.

  6. Grepping the directory archives on merlin reveals a jsmith1 in the class of 99 and a jsmith1 in the class of 06. Hmm…

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