One Box Left

I have one box left to seal and label. There is a big pile of boxes outside of my room; a pair of matching bookshelves in my room; further boxes and a folding table upstairs in the great room; my unassembled Ikea furniture, bicycle, and golf clubs in the garage; and one box awaiting assorted items in the middle of the floor.

I sort of don’t want to close it up until the last possible minute. The movers are coming tomorrow afternoon between 1pm and 2pm, which is true to their promised pick-up range of “some time between the 20th and the 25th”. Hopefully they’ll be able to do a little better than “some time between the 29th and the 10th [of August]”. I’d like to have furniture when I start work on the 1st. Maybe if I slip the guy a $50…

On a somewhat related note, I’m not allowed to pack any büz, so I need to kill what little is left of some vodka, some rum, and some kahlua. White Russians, anyone?


One response to “One Box Left”

  1. If it is Quality (in the Robert Persig sense), then you should totally use it to learn how to breathe fire. That would be so awesome.

    (Note that I’m not actually recommending that you do that.)

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