SCCS Asplode!!!

As many of you who use the SCCS services have probably noticed, our servers went down sometime this afternoon.

Our initial remote analysis pointed the finger at ITS’ firewall, a problem that has occurred in the past. This was based on the fact that the CS and ITS machines were still accessible, but SCCS and Engin machines were not.

Osprey (the login server) is back up, but can’t be used, because Roc (where the accounts are actually stored) is still down. This leads us to believe that there was a power failure (or intentional shutdown) on campus. This might be a good point to mention that the SCCS has some very old uninterruptible power supplies, and would welcome the donation of a really nice new one ;o).

Unfortunately, due to some of the issues encountered with the Roc upgrade, someone needs to be physically at Roc’s console to successfully restart it. Hence our current predicament.

A sys-admin is being dispatched from New Jersey at his earliest convenience.


7 responses to “SCCS Asplode!!!”

  1. Does SCCS not have someone on campus who can poke roc’s console, at least to the extent of “a sysadmin will phone you up, and tell you some things to type”?

  2. This is the first summer in a long while that at least one sys-admin has not been on campus.

    Apparently Public Safety also does not have the latest server room key! Wheeee!

  3. Sounds like “make sure a sysadmin will be on campus, and if not, find a non-sysadmin to be remote hands and eyes” should be on the summer-prep checklist. :^)

    Public Safety doesn’t have a key? Don’t they have like MASTER keys or something?

  4. The cores were swapped out as part of allowing War News Radio to use the media lounge this summer. I would guess that public safety is just being their normal selves.

  5. Actually, this is the first summer since I joined staff (2002) that at least one sysadmin has not been on campus. It is also the first summer since 2001 that I haven’t been on campus. Funny that. :P

  6. I have nothing to do tomorrow and am 1/2 hour away from Swarthmore if you need someone trustworthy to go poke things. Of course, I have no keys and don’t know any passwords, and you probably don’t want to go around giving those things out willy-nilly. But I like having my e-mail.

    Oh, and I just got some e-mail. Never mind then.

  7. If it helps with the mystery at all, yesterday at exactly 5PM the CS department lost all power. The few of us who were in the department were at a complete loss, so we milled around a bit and then ran away, but as you note CS does seem to have come back up since then. I’d be a little surprised if this wasn’t somehow related.

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