Moved Out

The movers came at about 2pm today. There was apparently some miscommunication between me and the dispatcher, so they interpreted my inventory not as boxes that were already packed, but as boxes that needed to be packed. I could have allowed BBN’s contract to let them pack for me, but I don’t think it would have worked.

I’m taking some of my sister’s stuff to Boston with me, so she had to pack up her stuff (after unpacking from her semester in China), and I had to select my stuff out of the kitchen, the stuff I had brought from school, the books in my bedroom, and the stuff in my closet. Also, my dad had to double-check his catalogue of my books, and switch them all to being located in my apartment in the family library database.

In other words, letting the movers pack really only works if the entire household is being boxed up, and everything is going.

I have 5 different forms filled out and signed in carbon-copy quadruplicate. A truly impressive level of ass-covering, in terms of inventory, damage, bills of lading, and so forth.

My one big concern is that this move constitutes six individual moves: from our house to the small truck, from the small truck to the Graebel MN warehouse, from the warehouse to the big cross-country semi, from that big truck to some warehouse in the Boston area, from that warehouse to another small truck, and finally from that truck into my 2nd floor apartment.

And the move-in dates are still in the range of July 29th to August 10th. It’s going to be awesome, living on the floor. I can sense it.


7 responses to “Moved Out”

  1. A family library database? *is impressed*

    And I speak from personal experience last summer that living on the floor isn’t all that bad, though not something I’d recommend for the long-term. Bring a sleeping bag and pillow and a few crates to use as low tables. I also made great use of my folding beach chair. Oh, wait — do you have carpeting in your place? That could make a difference.

  2. Fairly recently, my folks found a very good inflatable double bed. Comes with a pump. The lesson – consider finding some sort of air mattress to enable sleep.

  3. My sister and I gave my dad Delicious Library for Christmas this past year. He’s a teacher, and he went part-time this year, so it’s his primary hobby at home. All of our books (he has every Newbery winner and many of the honors), DVDs (he has the entire Disney collection), and CDs are in there. In other words, we enabled his OCD tendencies :oD.

    It’s wood flooring, but it’s been recently redone, so it should at least be flat and smooth. I like a very firm mattress anyway. I’ll be sleeping Klingon-style.

  4. I think I have some egg-crating I might be able to bring.

  5. Air mattress will save you. Listen to this man. He knows of what he speaks.

    Makes a handy bed to pull out of the closet when you’ve got a visitor, too.

  6. I’ve got a full-size futon (with extra sheets!) for a visitor.

  7. Good Lord that program looks amazing! And like quite the new hobby…

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