I am the Mixologist, Goo-Goo Goo-Joob

We had a small party in our room this evening, to watch The Pirates of the Caribbean on the big screen. We had piratical beverages, based largely on rum and blue curaçao. I purchased these items today, which was my first real liquor purchase. They swipe your idea, and the register prints out a little contract for you to sign, complete with full name and home address. I guess this country really wants to prevent underage drinking…

At any rate, the party was fun, albeit much smaller than expected. This means that we now have a decent-sized collection of alcohol and mixers left over, from which American Flags, Blue Hawaiians, and the like can be concocted.

I was the chief dude in charge of mixing drinks, thanks to the handy book my sister gave me. I found it amusing that I (the last person in the room to start drinking, just 5 short months ago) was put in charge of providing fruity tropical drinks for everyone.

Good times. I can’t wait for the sequel :o).

A Day In The Life” from Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles


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  1. They swipe your idea

    Freudian slip, or spellchecker?

  2. I hate it when liquor stores take my ideas. They never give them back, or acknowledge me in credits!

  3. I’ve been doing this more and more often (even when not tipsy); I make up non-existent homonyms, which may or may not be words. It only seems to happen when I’m typing, too (e.g., I could have just spelled that “tough”, to rhyme with “through” and “zough”). I think linguistics has rewritten my brain or something.

    In this case, “idea” rhymes with “pea”, not “Ikea”.

    Stupid brain.

  4. Weird: I’ve never had a liquor store even ask to see my ID.

  5. I’ve been carded both times I’ve bought alcohol (once in NJ and once in PA) — I think PA might be extra up-tight about liquor, though, because they do weird things like not sell beer and wine at the same store, and there’s a paucity of places to get alcohol anyway, I think. Stupid state.

    Thanks for being the barman last night! :) I want to try an American Flag again — I liked the sweet cherry flavor, but I didn’t get it to layer correctly.

  6. PA is on crack about availability of liquor but not actually that great about carding: other states will card everyone in a party, but Pennsylvania only cards the person who’s actually buying the alcohol.

  7. PA is on crack about availability of liquor

    Exactly. That’s why I called it a stupid state. Actually, I don’t have a whole lot against PA, but I prefer to be able to buy alchol either *in* the grocery store (the UK), or at the liquor store right next to it (NJ).

  8. Lots of states sell alcohol in the grocery store (WA, OH, OR . . .) though there’s often a proof cut-off, so you can buy wine & beer but not vodka.

  9. dork!

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