All-day Gaming Session

I must be halfway to the Earth’s core at the rate I’m digging myself into this geek hole…

Today we played in Jake’s feudal Japan D&D adventure. It was really just a D20 system massive battle, but it was pretty cool. He incorporated a lot of his knowledge of Japanese culture and language. My only complaint was that the session was very linear, with him largely controlling our actions.

Still, it was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed formatting our battle strategy with our Lord the night before, and then doing some tactical execution with the unit I commanded. I led a unit of noh-dachi-wielding shock troops into battle, and we kicked some serious invader ass.

There was one round in which I killed 39 samurai. In one round. My character. Alone. That’s what happens when you hit an enemy unit from behind with the Supreme Cleave feat :o). The rest of my unit got a huge morale boost, and wiped out the rest of their unit, with no losses on our side. I think my total kills in the battle were around 100, with my unit as a whole killing over 1000. But we held the pass that led to Kagoshima Castle. As the battle ended, the beacon fires were lit to call us back to the defense of the city…

Good times! :o)

On a random note, I thought of a horrible crossover idea for and : Diplomancy. Enjoy… :oP

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