Enterprise is not Star Trek

Yet another in my string of super-geeky posts…

So Enterprise has gotten simply amazing levels of eye-candy in its third season. With the exception of the last episode we watched, the writing has definitely improved as well.

It is totally the advances in computer graphics that have allowed this. They can put 15 new spaceships in an episode that will never be seen again, because it just doesn’t take that long to create a new 3-D model. And they can be super-pretty, complete with nacelles getting blown off and so forth.

A few episodes ago, they blew up a moon. A moon.

Oh, and , you’ll be very happy that Trip and T’pol hooked up in the last episode. It amazes me how much skin you can show in prime-time now. I still consider Star Trek to be a show that should be appropriate for 10 year olds, but the last one was chock full of inexplicable pugilism and sexual tension. I can only hope that they’ll explain the crew’s weird behavior in the next episode.

The Battle Of Evermore” from The Best Of Led Zeppelin, Vol. 1 by Led Zeppelin


4 responses to “Enterprise is not Star Trek”

  1. REALLY?


    and I MISSED it. MAN.

  2. WOW! I knew they’d hook up from the pilot, but I’m amazed it took this long; I gave up watching years ago.

  3. If you were in Canada, you’d have seen rather more of T’Pol. See here.

  4. I want to see the episode where they blow up a moon!

    Yeah, the writing was a bit mediocre in the episode last night, but I am vaguely impressed that they managed to turn me from being convinced it was a ‘he’s not hallucinating, there’s really something there and no one will believe him’ episode to a ‘he’s going crazy’ episode.

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