The MediaLounge is Open!!

I suppose this only applies to those of you who are on-campus, but enh…

After a very, very long closure, the media lounge is finally open! Fritz got us set up with 10 automatically installed Linux boxes, we’ve got new shelves, we’ve got new wiring to the server room, we’ve got a brand-spanking-new super-delcious G5… Yum! We have also purged the evil that is Windows from the lab. Yay!

Fritz and I spent a couple of hours on Saturday cleaning up and making the place presentable for regular use. Good times. Respect our hard work and keep the place clean! That means pick up your food mess, and don’t bring alcohol. There are cleaning supplies in the file drawer next to the old terminal by the door, if you make a mess :oP.

We’ll be upgrading our hard drive space sometime in the next two weeks, when 3 or 4 staff members can get together and party for several hours. When that is complete, we will finally be done with our year-and-a-half-long server migration. It’s been a difficult journey, but I hope those of you that use our systems enjoy the new and improved SCCS!

The big thing I need to do now is write a bunch of new LOS task requests for added features, and modify the ones that already exist, and add several to delete the stuff created by the other tasks. I’ll probably start today during my office hours.

Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” from The John Lennon Collection by John Lennon


5 responses to “The MediaLounge is Open!!”

  1. Cool! Ah, if only it were possible for alums to get accounts. :^)

  2. This issue is on the agenda for their next meeting. I can guess that the answer will not be the one you want, but at least we’ll finally have a decisive one.

  3. Has the answer not been decisive so far? I assumed that the current state was a decisive no, and I was just agitating for change.

    Random thought, inspired by LJ: How about paid accounts?

  4. I actually don’t know how that would work, since we’re funded by the college. I assume that we could deposit the money in our SBC slush account, but I doubt ITS would be very happy about us taking in revenue and providing services that still rely on them as an ISP. Obviously, ITS does provide service to alums through, but my understanding is that the alumni office is not very happy about us even letting recent alums keep their accounts. They think that people will choose our system over theirs, which I would imagine hampers their ability to sucker alums out of money :oP.

  5. they don’t actually charge us for our alum accounts, though. they also don’t provide anything more than a forwarding address, and the they in question isn’t even ITS, it’s, which actually does the hosting.

    my alum account actually just forwards to my sccs account, but I’m seriously thinking about changing that, given the unreliability of ITS and Yipes!.

    hmm — maybe you could charge alums money, and offer to give the alumni office a cut?

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