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If you’re in the community, you’ll know that I now have an RSS feed from my .Mac account (Thanks, !). I’m using iBlog and my paid .Mac account to (hopefully) do smaller and more regular posts. If you have the syndication points, you should subscribe to my feed. I’m a cheap free user, so I can’t even subscribe to myself…

I’ve already got two updates up there. Let me know if any of the generated HTML on my end is screwy – I’ve tried my best to make iBlog XHTML 1.1 compliant.

Chances are, I won’t be posting much in this account anymore (not that there was much to begin with). I may put silly LJ surveys here, simply because those would be hard to integrate with iBlog. W hen I get the chance, all of my posts will get moved over to my iblog, so you can look back at all those posts before I joined LJ, if you’re at all interested. I will still use this account to read and comment in your journals.


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    1. <font> tags are evil incarnate, and I think they’ve been deprecated in XHTML too. If you have control over the situation, see if you can integrate them into the CSS.
    2. XHTML attributes must be lowercase and their values must be quoted: e.g., you don’t want <img WIDTH=60> but rather <img width="60">. Also, images require alt attributes. Accessibility and all.
    3. Those img tags also need to be ended with slashes (y’know, <img />). You’re okay with the slashes nearly everywhere else, although I think a <br> tag somewhere managed to slip through the cracks too.
    4. For the script tag, you want to add type="text/javascript".

    It looks good, though, despite these few nitpicks. ;)

  1. Don’t free users have some small number of syndication points? If so, you should be able to pick up your own feed once you get a few more subscribers.

  2. Yeah, it looks like yours is down to 0.594 points, and free users get 0.99 points, so you should be able to subscribe, now. At least, I was able to.

  3. It looks like the whole entries aren’t getting syndicated; the first two seem to have only the first paragraphs on LJ, but are longer on

    Also, you might want to put in a link to post a comment on, like Joe does with , so you don’t get people posting comments that you won’t see on the LJ version.

  4. Yeah, I think two of the pages don’t validate because of these issues. Unfortunately, that code is generated internal to the program, and I can’t control it with the templates, stylesheets, and scripts that I have access to as an end user. Believe me, I’ve lodged a complaint with the developer.

  5. I just had to wait for you guys to bring the price down, since it starts at 1, and free users have at maximum 0.99 points. I may have to dump the 3 comic subscriptions I have ::sniff::.

  6. For the first, I believe that is something I can set up with iblog; I think the default is to synchronize the title and the “abstract”, without the “body”.

    I want to do all of the comments through LJ, but I don’t think I could get iBlog to generate a link to the proper LJ page. I could link to the feed on LJ, I suppose.

  7. I’m confused: Do you want people to post comments on LJ, or on If they post them on LJ, how will they get back to And if you want them to post them on LJ, why not just host the journal natively on LJ in the first place?

    I don’t know what iBlog is.

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