“Weird Al” in Concert

Last night we went to see Weird Al’s Strings Attached tour at The Paramount here in Seattle. It was a great show! I hadn’t seen him since going to a Poodle Hat tour show while I was in college in Philadelphia.

The addition of the live symphony was fun (especially the movie theme opening). Al’s still got over forty years into his career.

Mild spoilers below for his set list…

Andrle and I were both introduced to his music with “Amish Paradise” on Bad Hair Day, and we got that along with a few of our other favorites. The crowd overall seemed to be our age or a bit older so largely fans of his mid-’90s hits.

I think the biggest song of his I love that I missed was probably “It’s All About the Pentiums”. Also heard some cool live variations of some older tracks I don’t know as well.

My only disappointment was the swag… the tour logo didn’t look great on a shirt, and the pins available weren’t for this tour.

I’m a little hoarse from singing along to “The Saga Begins” at full volume.

Al onstage dressed as Kurt Cobain
The Paramount's marquee which reads "STG Presents Weird Al Yankovic" followed by show times.
The orchestra tunes in front of a projection with the tour logo
Nick and Andrle in their seats ready for the show
Al dancing in the aisle for Tacky
Al wearing Jedi robes stands in front of some stormtroopers for "The Saga Begins"
Al onstage rocking with his accordion