Set course for Marriage Prime, Love Factor 6: I asked Andrle H. Pence to marry me, and she said yes! Woohoo!

This all went down the Wednesday before last (July 7th, or 7-7-2010… seven might be her favorite number…) while we were visiting a friend’s cabin in northern Minnesota.

Now, below the cut, some (goofy) photos of us on the dock where I proposed under the stars…

Two star-trekked lovers.

Nick points out the ring.

Nick points out the ring.

We’ve started the initial planning process. There are many, many decisions to be made in the coming months! (We’re currently eyeing a small wedding on a date sometime next spring.)

Did I say “huzzah” yet? Huzzah!

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22 comments on “Engage!
  1. Ivan says:


  2. LilPecan says:

    Horray! Congratulations!

  3. Chris says:


  4. Deanna Miller says:

    Love the pictures of you two.

  5. BDan says:

    Awww. Congratulations, and may you live long and prosper!

  6. Donna says:

    Yay!! :D

  7. Rachel S says:


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  12. Devon says:

    Great news! You guys are awesome together.

  13. Jim Moskowitz says:

    Excellent news! And what a great setting — hope you saw meteors!

  14. Michael says:


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  18. Congratulations!

  19. John Øivind says:

    Congratulations to the booth of you!!

    All the best luck from John in Norway :)
    looking forward to see you to in Norway at the honeymoon :)

  20. Karen Pape says:

    So happy for you!!! Congrats!

  21. This is fantastic news!!! I am so happy for you Nick. May you both live long and prosper. Ha ha! You know I couldn’t resist.

  22. Nona Mills says:


Nurd Up!