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Convincing the kiddo that the zip line at Cowen Park is fun and not scary.

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Senior Photo

I think I almost managed to make my senior memories trivially machine parsable as a list of dictionaries of lists without really intending to. Proof of how long my nom de web has been around, and one of the few

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My new Incomparable podcast shirt arrived, so I struck an appropriate pose.

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Red Fish, Blue Fish

   This is my only patriotic colored shirt.

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Fremont is even more hipster than Davis Square!

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Puzzle Complete

I don’t think my old (ca. 1990) placemat featuring the Periodic Table had anything named past Fermium, plus a smaller set of Ununs. Lots of new ones in the quest for the Island of Stability.

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Birthday Puzzle

Border complete! Thanks Rebekah :o). Coincidentally I also got a Periodic Table-themed gift from my mom. (Blocks for me… and Theo.) Maybe that random invitation to join the American Chemical Society wasn’t so far off base?

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Tug of War

Burst mode makes action selfies much more viable. Here’s Darcy and I playing with his moose.

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Merry Applemas

I’m upgrade legible and ready for a shiny new 5S.

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Kayak Puppy

I don’t think he’s having any of this. (He chose not to go out on the lake with me.)

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