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  • Wheeeeee!

    Convincing the kiddo that the zip line at Cowen Park is fun and not scary.

  • Senior Photo

    I think I almost managed to make my senior memories trivially machine parsable as a list of dictionaries of lists without really intending to. Proof of how long my nom de web has been around, and one of the few senior profiles to include an email address because I was a nurd.

  • Incomparable

    My new Incomparable podcast shirt arrived, so I struck an appropriate pose.

  • Red Fish, Blue Fish

       This is my only patriotic colored shirt.

  • Troll

    Fremont is even more hipster than Davis Square!

  • Puzzle Complete

    I don’t think my old (ca. 1990) placemat featuring the Periodic Table had anything named past Fermium, plus a smaller set of Ununs. Lots of new ones in the quest for the Island of Stability.

  • Birthday Puzzle

    Border complete! Thanks Rebekah :o). Coincidentally I also got a Periodic Table-themed gift from my mom. (Blocks for me… and Theo.) Maybe that random invitation to join the American Chemical Society wasn’t so far off base?

  • Tug of War

    Burst mode makes action selfies much more viable. Here’s Darcy and I playing with his moose.

  • Merry Applemas

    I’m upgrade legible and ready for a shiny new 5S.

  • Kayak Puppy

    I don’t think he’s having any of this. (He chose not to go out on the lake with me.)