My Internet From A to Z


At home, I use Safari 3 (the Safari 4 beta is as yet too hideous to behold). At work, I use Google Chrome 2 (yes, the beta). Both browsers feature an autocomplete, although Chrome uses the more advanced “awesomebar” style where history, bookmarks, and web search are merged together. I tend to use this autocomplete more than I go to my actual bookmark menu, although my most frequent sites (that aren’t in my “check all the time” start bookmark group) are on the bookmark bar as well. More on that later.

This meme idea is from this post over on Ellie Mirman’s blog; she’s a HubSpot employee that I’ve run into a few times at Boston-area tweet-ups. It’s pretty simple: type each letter of the alphabet into your primary browser’s address/awesomebar, and post a link to the URL that comes up as the first item. I’ve also noted whether the URL comes from a bookmark, the bookmark bar, or my history. The “start bookmark folder” refers to pages that are in my “default window”, i.e. the pages I always have loaded (and reload regularly). After the list I have some quick trivia stats about this list.

A to Z – Home

A: – I shop at Amazon a lot (Bookmark Bar)

B: – My blog (History)

C: – I develop WoW mods using their site tools (History)

D: – I apparently still have the old URL (Bookmark Bar)

E: – I take classes part-time, and most assignments are posted online (Bookmark Bar)

F: – I’m on ur facebooks, posting on ur walls (Start Bookmark Folder)

G: – My World of Warcraft guild, Mellonea (Start Bookmark Folder)

H: – Mostly from watching Battlestar Galactica (History)

I: – I regularly google movies, TV shows, and actors for trivia (History)

J: – I read his LJ for weird links, music, and interesting tech questions (History)

K: – General forums for roleplayers on my World of Warcraft server, Kirin Tor (Start Bookmark Folder)

L: – While I use Google Reader for blog-reading, I have many friends who are primarily on LiveJournal (Start Bookmark Folder)

M: – My first e-mail address, my Yahoo! account is for spam absorption (Bookmark Bar)

N: – My primary source of current events coverage (Start Bookmark Folder)

O: – Yes, I’m an online dater; maybe someday I’ll post more on my experiences there (Bookmark Bar)

P: – Arguably my favorite web comic (NSFW); I’ve even been to PAX (Bookmark)

Q: – A friend of mine from college; I believe all their posts are locked (History)

R: – My favorite internet radio station, and primary source of new music (Start Bookmark Bar)

S: – The best guide for World of Warcraft rogue class loot lists (History)

T: – This is usually how I find new people to follow, what tools do you use? (History)

U: – Our allied World of Warcraft guild, Unbroken; mostly social and related to our raiding exploits (Start Bookmark Folder)

V: – Another really good video games web comic; even more so NSFW (Bookmark)

W: – This should surprise no one (Bookmark Bar)

X: – Usually hilarious geeky web comic (Bookmark)

Y: – I’m sure I watch multiple videos a day (History)

Z: – I think I posted a link to this instrument used by Jonathan Coulton a few weeks ago? (History)

Quick Stats

  • I only overlap with Ellie on 4/26 (15%). How much do you overlap with me?
  • 3 of these links are web comics
  • 6 of these links are WoW-related
  • 4 of these links are places where I maintain my public internet persona
  • Only 1 of these links is “transient”, that is a site I don’t expect to return to any time soon (the Zen Drum)
  • My best estimate is that I consistently use 16 of these sites daily; the remainder (except the one transient) I probably check at least once every few weeks


4 responses to “My Internet From A to Z”

  1. I’ve actually been using Safari 4 for a month or two, now, and I think it works pretty well. Especially with Saft.

    1. The new tab UI just really annoys me. It’s picayune, I know. I’m mostly waiting for Chrome to come out for Mac.

  2. Nice post! I might have to pass on this meme because it doesn’t require any real thought, while simultaneously appealing to the exhibitionist in me (generally limited online by laziness).

    I’m using chrome exclusively at home, but work I’ve switched to the new IE. It works well with Microsoft Exchange, which my uni uses now. Though both Chrome and IE still lack flashblock, which is annoying.

  3. This is a pretty interesting meme, I’m sort of surprised that I haven’t come across it before. I’m going to give it a go now and see what I come up with, I can’t wait to see what my friends come up with. Hopefully, I’ll be introduced to a few cool websites that I don’t visit now.

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